What is Qi Gong?

“Qi Gong” is an ancient art and discipline utilizing the vital restorative and balancing energy known as “Qi” for martial arts as well as healing.

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Qi Gong exercises are also called “metabolism exercises”, “cleansing the bone marrow”, and “Imperial exercise”. For thousands of years, these exercises were kept secret, exclusively practiced by Wu Dang sect members and shared only with the Imperial dynasties of China. The Imperial families learned how to enhance their bodies and increase longevity.

The energy balancing exercises are now taught to students by Master Hao and are remarkably effective in treating problems such as back pain, high blood pressure, tinnitus, anemia, hearing or vision loss, arthritis, male sexual dysfunction, kidney deficiencies, memory difficulties, and much more.

Experimental Evidence and the Benefits

Immune System

More active immune cells, better targeting of antigens, significant anti-cancer effect.


Improves micro circulation, peripheral circulation, prevents vascular spasms: very helpful for Raynaud’s syndrome, angina, migraine.


Lower resting heart rate, less abnormal EKG, greater cardiac efficiency, stabilized blood pressure, less LDL (bad cholesterol), more HDL (good cholesterol).


Massages internal organs, improves peristalsis and appetite, less pathogenic bacteria in feces (healthier micro flora). Positive effects on ulcers and constipation.


Slow, high-amplitude brain waves, improved cerebral blood flow, less incidents of strokes and helpful for paralysis and seizure disorders.

Mental Health

Decreased: stress response, Type A, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, depression. Improved: memory, concentration, interpersonal sensitivity.


Slower respiratory rate, improved gaseous exchange, significant positive effects on asthma and bronchitis.


Increase strength, flexibility, bone density, improved coordination, beneficial for arthritis and osteoporosis.

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For thousands of years, these exercises were kept secret, exclusively practiced by Wu Dang sect members and shared only with the Imperial dynasties of China.

How Can Qi Gong Help You?

Male Impotency

Drawing on ancient traditions said to go back at least 3,000 years, oriental movement and balance therapies aim to affect the flow of life energy, or chi (Qi). They encourage sensitivity and flexibility in the body while at the same time utilizing breath control and an inner focus to free up energy blockages altogether increasing energy levels. T’ai chi and Qi Gong are practiced on a daily basis by hundreds of millions of people in China where they also form part of normal hospital therapy. Qi Gong has an exercise that can help men who suffer from impotency or premature ejaculation.

Business Programs

If you are looking for a ways to reduce Worker’s Compensation costs and boost employee productivity, our Qi Gong Business Program is what you need. This program has been designed to introduce your employees to the techniques which will ensure that on the job injuries are reduced. Your employees will benefit from increased energy which will improve their health, an added benefit for your business. We can show you how to take a proactive approach to controlling your costs and you can improve the overall health of your employees in the process. You and your employees can now benefit from our comprehensive program.  Qi Gong is an Ancient Chinese technique that teaches strengthening exercises to prevent on the job strains and injuries.

In fact, Master Hao is so sure that your company will benefit from this unique program, that he is offering you a no obligations demonstration of Qi Gong techniques. We know that once you are introduced to this time-honored technique, you will immediately see the benefits for your company and your employees. After all, healthy and happy employees can boost worker productivity and decrease your expenses.

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